Sunday, September 11, 2011

A few thoughts on finding the right photographer

I've seen a few other photographers write about what they feel is important when searching for a wedding photographer and a few have made points that I agree with (while others seem to be writing more of a "Why you should hire me" list). What follows this paragraph is not me trying to sell you on hiring me for your event, but my sincere thoughts on things to consider during your search.

The most important thing is whether their style meshes well with your style. Do they take the types of shots you would want on display on your walls and in your albums? If not, keep looking - your photographer is out there! Remember that you have options, no matter what your budget is. Also remember that just because you feel a photographer has talent doesn't mean they are the right photographer (you can admire a wedding dress that isn't quite what you're looking for, right?).

Next, keep in mind that the most important thing is the style and quality of a photographers work and not what school they went to (or whether they even have a degree) or how much they cost. Neither of those things are necessarily an indication of their talent - the photos they take are. So don't let their BA in Photography or their $5,000 price tag make you believe they won't disappoint you (no photos from a wedding they shot by themselves? Well, there's a haggling point if ever there was one!)

Third, before putting down your deposit, be sure you have seen photos of the things that would be important to you. Some photographers are better at photojournalism, while others are best at posed shots. I've seen a few portfolios that only have amazing posed shots which don't indicate how well the photographer works under the pressure and timing of a live event. Just how important is it to you that the photographer get a great shot of "the kiss" or the smashing of cake into your new spouse's face cake cutting?

Fourth, do you get along well with your photographer? I've found that I, personally, get the best results when I click with my clients. They feel more relaxed and I feel as though I know better what they want. Meet up with your photographer before the event so you can get a sense of how well your personalities mesh.

And now, I have some photos to get through!

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