Sunday, September 13, 2009

Engagement Photo Suggestions

So, besides having relatively recently been a bride (I can't believe it's already almost 6 months!), I'm also a photographer and have officially done several "engagement shoots". So here are a few tips that I have for anyone choosing to book one.

#1 (this is #1 for a reason!): When thinking of your location, your clothes, hair, shoes and what types of poses you might want to do, keep this in mind: BE COMFORTABLE! Don't go anywhere, or wear or do anything that makes you feel awkward. Photographer's pose suggestion feel a bit forced? Let them know and adjust to be more comfortable and relaxed. Trust me, if you aren't feelin' it, it will show in the photos.

#2: There are 5 things I suggest you consider when choosing an outfit:

Comfort - If you'll be climbing around on rocks or walking on the beach, flip-flops would likely be a better idea than stilettos. Long sleeves and/or layers on a warm day could make you sweaty and you could freeze if it's cool out without a sweater!

Location - As aforementioned, be sure you're comfortable. Also remember where you're going and dress for the place. A cocktail dress and suit isn't necessarily appropriate for urban or beach photos.

Color: Magenta, blues, greens, purples, oranges and other "jewel tone" colors can generally work out well in just about any situation, but don't be afraid to throw some more neutral colors into it. Try to stay away from busy patterns. Wear the color(s) that you think complement you best.

What (S)He's Wearing - Matching exactly isn't suggested or recommended, but planning your outfit(s) to coordinate well definitely is.

Looking Like Yourself
- Don't feel that you have to "dress up" to look great in your photos!

#3: (This is mostly for you, ladies) Let your fiance(e) wear what (s)he wants! I understand that you might not think shorts are "nice" enough or that her wearing jeans and not a dress may be "too casual", but, suggestions aside, you really should just let them decide.

#4: Look around at photos online or in magazines and send any you'd like to try to recreate to your photographer ahead of time (or bring them with you to your session). There are no guarantees that the situation will be perfect to capture them, but there's no harm in trying! Besides that, it can give your photographer a better idea of what you'd like.

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